Home in Alzira

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The Murta valley is a small paradise in the municipal district of Alzira. A privileged setting for a small summer home not only for the lush plant life, but also the stunning views from some areas of the valley and the fresh air.

The project is designed as a contained home, a cube, to optimise space as much as possible that thus use as few m2 of the plot as possible, lending more prominence to the natural surroundings.

A respect for the environment was key to the house to be built, based on the principles of Mediterranean architecture. Adobe will be used for the walls painted in white, providing great thermal inertia to resist the summer heat and winter cold.

Openings will be slits at key points in the walls, always seeking the best orientation and views, with more space opened to the outside, the more public side of the project. South-facing windows will be protected with reeds to filter light and let the wind in. The materials chosen, such as stone, adobe or reeds, aim to establish dialogue with the landscape.

The house is designed to create spacious areas with a fluid inside-outside connection. To achieve this, the slit windows will pass right through the walls, thus creating a free passage and outside views at areas considered essential to establish a more profound visual relationship.

Photography: Germán Cabo